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Transformation Education offers educational programs for personal, community and planetary development. Our courses are for people of all ages who are inspired to become effective facilitators of change in their personal lives, communities and  beyond.

Advanced Spiritual Philosophy image

Advanced Spiritual Philosophy

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  • September 23, 2023 @ 09:00 AM PDT

This course is being given in response to requests from some who have attended Transformation Education classes for an opportunity to engage in more in-depth study the spiritual philosophy of P. R. Sarkar. Topics covered will include Brahmachakra cosmology, science of mind, Tantra-oriented spiritual science, and lokas ...

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PROUT’s Ecological Philosophy image

PROUT’s Ecological Philosophy

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  • October 14, 2023 @ 10:00 AM PDT

A comprehensive social theory must address all aspects of social life. Traditionally, this has included economics, governance, culture, social life, and historical development. Many social thinkers recognize that an additional area of concern needs to be included – that of ecology. A proper ecological philosophy can ...

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Recorded Courses

The best of Transformation Education’s trainings and courses are offered as recorded lessons for our students. These courses do not require you to register as a member of our site.

Yoga Psychology - An In Depth Exploration image

Yoga Psychology - An In Depth Exploration

This six-lecture course will explore yoga psychology and subtle body theory in depth. In this course you will gain an understanding of the following concepts:

chakras, kundalini, layers of mind (koshas), atman, prana, mind-body interface, vrittis, microvita, death-afterlife-rebirth, nadiis, non-corporeal subtle bodies (devayonis), plexi and endocrine glands, samskara formation, impact of asanas on the subtle body, stages of spiritual evolution.

This class will integrate the above concepts into a holistic understanding of human life and of spiritual evolution.

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PROUT - Moving From Theory to Practice image

PROUT - Moving From Theory to Practice

This novel course builds on the theory of the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT) and explores the practical implementation of PROUT.

PROUT’s Fundamental Premise is that all people should have equitable opportunities to develop and express their physical, mental, and spiritual potentialities, while maintaining dynamic balance among individual quality of life, collective well-being, and ecological integrity.

In this course you will gain an understanding of: Nested systems of planning, Empowerment and healthy boundaries, Rational distribution & block level planning, Integrated & balanced development, Transition to a new era

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A New Ideology for a New Era - A Seminar to Shift the Paradigm image

A New Ideology for a New Era - A Seminar to Shift the Paradigm

Join Ravi Logan in this introductory seminar on the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), a socioeconomic theory that offers a practical vision for creating an equitable and sustainable post-capitalist society.

PROUT’s Fundamental Premise is that all people should have equitable opportunities to develop and express their physical, mental, and spiritual potentialities, while maintaining dynamic balance among individual quality of life, collective well-being, and ecological integrity.

For more information on PROUT visit

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Vitalizing Yogic Health - an Overview of Yogic Practices for Optimum Health image

Vitalizing Yogic Health - an Overview of Yogic Practices for Optimum Health

Yoga is much more than postures!

These changing times require resiliency and strength in both body and mind. Discover how yogic health practices guide one toward optimum health and vitality! Learn how these practical tools help to minimize stress, promote a sense of well-being, increase concentration and support discipline in other areas of one's life.

In this class you will gain an understanding of:

Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Tools for Grounding Ourselves, Protection from Electric and Magnetic Forces, Breathwork Practices, Meditation Methods

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Prana Dharma and Issues in Diversity - Creating an Equitable Society image

Prana Dharma and Issues in Diversity - Creating an Equitable Society

Offered by Jason Schreiner, President, PROUT Institute, this class is a presentation on and discussion about the PROUT concept of prana dharma and how it informs the current discussions of and public policy on diversity in North America.

This class is accessible to all. Whether you have a basic understanding of PROUT, or have never heard of PROUT, this class will contribute to your understanding of the ways in which we, as a society, can begin to think differently about diversity and how we can employ the theory of PROUT.

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PROUT's Political System - A Rational Alternative image

PROUT's Political System - A Rational Alternative

With the defects of democratic political systems becoming painfully evident — particularly in the United States — this two-class series on PROUT’s political system offers timely understandings of how political systems can be progressively reformed.

This course explores topics such as: economic democracy vs political democracy, selectoral-electoral system, compartmentalized democracy, strengthening the electorate, planetary confederation, the archetype of moral leaders, sector-based representation, the core rights undergirding political constitutions.

These classes give a vision of the political system needed for a new era in which political institutions serve people, communities and the planet, and in which leadership is drawn from the best of humanity.

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The Method of Neohumanism image

The Method of Neohumanism

Learn to put the philosophy of Neohumanism into practice with this free course!

Neohumanism provides a universal value base for a unified, ecologically attuned society. Neohumanism views all life as interconnected and the expression of one unity of being.

Join Jason Schreiner for a special presentation on the neohumanistic concept of critical rationality and engaged devotion.

How do we enact the values and principles of Neohumanism in our daily lives and apply them as agents of social change?

Through presentation, discussion, and consideration of specific examples, this free class will explore the core methods of Neohumanism, what they entail in terms of our practices and habits, and their implications for how we engage with our world, especially the work of social change.

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The Practice of Neohumanism image

The Practice of Neohumanism

Neohumanism provides an outlook for a life affirming society and for securing the rights of nature. But its promise requires individuals who are embodiments of the neohumanist ideal. This class introduces the five-part system of practice that cultivates neohumanist consciousness. It brings together moral development, spiritual development, mental discernment, commitment to social equality, and seeing the sacred in all life. This is a system of practice that is accessible to all. Its practice can bring forward compassionate and dedicated agents of change who are needed to secure a viable and equitable future for humanity and to access vast new collective potentials.

In this course you will obtain an understanding of:

-why Neohumanism is needed -the 5 practices of Neohumanism

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Pole Shift and Planetary Transformation image

Pole Shift and Planetary Transformation

This class clarifies what is meant by pole shift, reviews the history of pole shift theories, evaluates proposed causal mechanisms that could effect a pole shift, reports on the latest scientific perspectives on pole shift, and speculates on the relation of pole shift to planetary social transformation.

In this course you will be introduced to:

• the difference between magnetic pole shift, polar wander, apparent pole shift, and cataclysmic axial pole shift

• the current science on magnetic pole shift and magnetic field anomalies

• geologic history of magnetic pole shift

• proposed mechanisms of axial pole shift

• history of psychic predictions of pole shift

• history of scientific theories of pole shift

• pole shift and research on ET experiencers

• pole shift and the dynamics of planetary social transformation

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Core Concepts of Yoga Philosophy image

Core Concepts of Yoga Philosophy

This course will cover major topics in yoga philosophy, including the cycle of creation, the dimensional realms of existence, the layers of the human mind, chakras and kundalini, and the process of transmigration of souls. Many esoteric topics will also be included, such as khamurtis, devayonis, deities of maharloka, and control of vrittis.

The presentations will be in the form of polished powerpoint shows. Even those who have had prior study of these topics will come away with new depths of understanding.

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Introduction to Ananda Sutram image

Introduction to Ananda Sutram

This class taught by Acharya Ravi Logan gives an accessible overview to the Ananda Sutram, the seminal work by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti published in 1961. This text sheds light on deep philosophical topics such as metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and macro-history. This is great starter course for anyone interested in yoga philosophy and is recommended to anyone thinking of becoming a meditation teacher.

**In this course you will gain an understanding of: **

the definition and use of sutra the overall structure and conceptual flow of Ananda Sutram Cosmology: origins and evolution of existence Ontology: the purpose of existence Science of Mind: the nature and functions of mind Intuitional Science: the mind's pathway to transcendence Social Philosophy: a new paradigm for a holistic, healthy society that works for all of humanity

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PROUT's Social and Cultural Concepts image

PROUT's Social and Cultural Concepts

PROUT'S Social and Cultural Concepts

This is the third in a series of courses which cover the major aspects of PROUT’s comprehensive social theory. Past courses in this series have covered PROUT’s political system, its system of economic development, and its values base.

This 3-part course will introduce PROUT’s powerful social and cultural concepts — designed to foster social equality, cultural empowerment, the primacy of spiritual-humanistic values, and a collaborative unity amidst human diversity. This is the aspect of PROUT that most reflects the compassionate heart of this visionary social philosophy.

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Humanity at a Crossroads: Preparing for the Fall of Capitalism image

Humanity at a Crossroads: Preparing for the Fall of Capitalism

Humanity at a Crossroads: Preparing for the Fall of Capitalism

More and more people are questioning how long capitalism can maintain, given its overuse of earth’s resources, its extreme concentration of wealth among a few, its inability to adequately respond to climate change, its dominating impact on government, and the fragility of its globalization of the economy. How and when will capitalism end? What will be the social dynamics that its fall will put in play? How best to prepare for the social turmoil that will arise? What is a viable social vision to replace capitalism and how can this be put into practice? This class will offer the best thinking from the PROUT Institute on these questions and will provide opportunity for discussion by participants.

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System for a New Era image

System for a New Era

System for a New Era

This class will present the system that P. R. Sarkar articulated for realizing a new era of humanity. Sarkar called this system the “panacea” to solve the problems of human existence, and he designated this new era as the “rule of rationality.” To understand what Sarkar means and envisions, we’ll examine how the five major components he introduced for manifesting this new era – PROUT, neohumanism, aesthetic science, microvita science, and intuitional science – interrelate and interact together as a single, integrated system. We’ll explore how this system is designed according to a set of guiding operative principles that maximize balanced development of physical, mental, and spiritual potentialities and advance humanity towards spiritual and social fulfilment.

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Beyond Identity Politics: Universal Social Equality as a Basis for Freedom and Liberation image

Beyond Identity Politics: Universal Social Equality as a Basis for Freedom and Liberation

This course is for people interested in what neohumanism contributes to our understanding of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Our contemporary world is riven with social antagonisms and political vitriol that many blame on “identity politics,” a term that gets tossed around often but without clear understanding of what it means or entails. So, what is “identity politics,” and why is it so charged? Where did it come from, how did it develop, and what are its implications? Are there are other forms of political engagement and social movement more suitable to the challenges we currently face? In this two-part course we’ll explore these questions and examine the possibility that identity politics does more to reinforce the status quo than to challenge it. As an alternative, we’ll consider how neohumanism engages issues of identity and advances universal social equality as the basis of human freedom and liberation.

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PROUT'S Theory of History image

PROUT'S Theory of History

PROUT offers a new theory of history in this 2 part series, one that provides empowering insights for those who want to understand historical dynamics so they can revitalize the progressive movement of society. In this time of planetary transformation, the insights provided by PROUT’s theory of history are particularly valuable. In this short survey course, we will cover the topics of collective psychology, the systaltic movement of societies, the rotation of social classes in position of social dominance, the concept of progress, and the methodology for bringing evolutionary and revolutionary change. We will also look at the six factors that are essential to sustaining civilizations.

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