About Transformation Education

Transformation Education offers educational programs for those who are inspired to develop themselves to become dedicated and effective facilitators of change in the world.

This is a time of transformation. Profound transformation in our worldview, values, lifestyle, and social practice is necessary if humanity is to evolve forward.

Transformational Education’s programs address three fundamental dimensions of change:

  • Change in the vitality and consciousness needed to empower individuals
  • Change in the worldview and cardinal values needed to unite humanity
  • Change in social vision and social functioning needed to sustain societies

The transformation that is required starts with the inner transformation of individuals and moves out to transform the world.

Transformation of individuals

Transformation of Individuals

The skills we offer for the transformation of individuals emphasize meditation, vitalizing lifestyle, supportive community, perennial wisdom, and the strengthening of character.

Transformation of values

Transformation of Social Values

The knowledge we offer for the transformation of social values is based on neohumanism, a philosophy and practice that honors diversity and recognizes an inter-dependent wholeness of being, both human and ecological.

Transformation of society

Transforming Society

The vision we offer for transforming society is one that promotes sustainability, resilience, bio-equality, cooperation, social equity, participatory enterprise, and collaborative planning.

Read our Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials and notes left for us by actual students.

The study and deep explanation of yogic philosophy is intellectually stimulating as well as deeply heartfelt. The concepts are then practiced in daily life, so we have both the model and the mirror. And love abounds – is the foundation of it all and is palpable.

Lois, Helena, MT

I loved it! I am so enthusiastic and am envisioning what I can do!

Genevieve, Eugene, OR

I wanted to let you know what a great job you did with the whole course. I have to say that of all the presentations about spiritual philosophy (cakras, kosa's, etc.) I've seen in my many years of being on the spiritual path, this was by far the very best. It was so very well organized, the graphics impressive, and you were very thoughtful and concise in presenting the material while also balancing time for discussion. I enjoyed every minute of it. Incredible job, well done! Thank you, and the team, for putting so much time and energy into the whole project.

Tim, Minneapolis, MN

An incredibly inspiring, empowering, and hope building experience.

Ariel, Manzanita, OR

Trainings at Dharmalaya offer a deep well of spirit, community, and knowledge, shared authentically between beings of all ages, allowing opportunity for powerful growth. My life has been changed for the better, even years since my involvement with Dharmalaya.

Adrian, Lethbridge, Alberta

Attending this program enveloped me in a deep peace that lasted for months, while it reaffirmed my deep love for ALL Beings.

Calleen, Orlando, FL

Transformation Training was a unique, insightful and memorable experience. You will find yourself talking about your experience, applying your learnings, and relating to people from the lessons in all sorts of different ways you didn't even think of until after the training.

Chelsea, Duluth, MN

time at the Transformation Training was transformative for my soul. I strongly believe in the work they do, and hope others can benefit from it.

Jensen, Ft. Collins, CO

I learned so much with you and thanks to you and I feel so proud to be able to continue working on social justice and education in this big community that is the world.

Cate, Venice, Italy

Dharmalaya has at its core the ability to create space for us to remember and feel into the growth of our potential and the potential a community can have on this planet. The transformative moments experienced there can lead to great impacts in personal and community life and ripple out into the world. Thank you Dharmalaya for all of your energy and efforts in transforming the future. You have made this world a better place for myself and my son.

Ariel, Manzanita, OR

Our Partners in Transformation

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